May Newsletter


Itís May and you know what that means ~ itís Recital Time! In 6 Ĺ weeks we will be holding our 26th Annual Recital! There is a lot of information in this newsletter, so please read everything carefully. If you have any questions, please call or email ~ we want the recital to be a fun and stress-free every for everyone! The kids have been working so hard all year and we are all so excited to see them onstage!

Please make sure you are keeping up with all things Star Struck on our TeamApp. You do not have to download an app on your phone, you can access it as a website as well. Just go to the website and search for TeamSSDS. You can access all of our information right from your desktop, tablet, laptop or phone! All of the monthly newsletters, recital information, summer class schedules and summer camp dates are available there.

All accounts must be paid in full before your dancer will be allowed to participate in the recital. Recital fees, May tuition and costume balances have been posted to your account. The recital fee includes a personalized trophy, 1 program book, a 1/8 page personal ad and free admission to the show! If you sold/purchased more than $60 in ads, that amount will be posted to your account instead of the $60 recital fee.

We are so close to recital time! Please make every effort to attend all classes so your dancer will be prepared for the big show!

We will be handing out costumes as they arrive. Please try on your costume, but do not let your dancer play in it. We cannot replace lost or damaged costumes. I you have any problems with your costume please contact the studio ASAP. All tumble classes will receive a recital t-shirt and a pair of shorts for their performance in the recital. Please check the app under the ďgalleryĒ tab to make sure you have the correct color shoes and tights before picture day. Dancers will wear their costumes for pictures, dress rehearsal, and recital.

Getting Ready for Recital
Weíd like to offer you the opportunity to video your dancerís routines at the end of each class the week of May 22nd-26th. We want all of our dancers to be confident and prepared for the show!

We are so excited about our recital and canít wait for you to see how much our dancers have learned. Please donít hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. See you all in class!

Kelley & Staff<><