Summer classes are in full swing at Star Struck and the energy is amazing! We are all so excited to be working with these awesome dancers on new techniques and combinations. Thank you for investing in your dancer’s future. We want each year to be better than the one before and thank you for supporting us.

Summer Schedule
Week 1 – June 21st-23rd
Week 2 – June 27th-30th
Week 3 – July 5th-7th
Week 4 – July 12th-14th / American Girl Camp 10:00-2:00
Week 5 – July 18th-22nd / Princess Camp 9:30-12:30
Week 6 – July 25th-29th / Hip Hop Camp 9:30-12:30
National Dance Day – July 30th
Week 7 – August 1st-4th / Acro Camp 10:00-2:00
Auditions – August 6th
Week 8 – August 8th-11th
Boot Camp – August 12th-14th
Technique Week – August 16th-18th
Open House – August 20th
Studio Closed – August 21st-28th
Classes Resume – August 29th

Tuition for the summer for 12 month students (company dancers) begins on July 1. Your July tuition includes summer weeks 3-6. August tuition will include the last 2 weeks of summer, technique week & the first week of fall classes. We used your attendance for the first 2 weeks of summer to bill you for July. If you add classes in July your tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

Tuition for the summer for 10 month students (recital class dancers) begins on June 21st. The first summer session includes weeks 1-4 and the second summer session is weeks 4-8.

Auditioning for the SSDS Company
We are so excited about the coming season! Here are the details you need to know about auditioning to be a part of our performing & competition teams. Please feel free to call if you have questions.

Summer Classes – All dancers are working on their audition combinations during summer classes. It is highly suggested that dancers who want to be a part of the SSDS Company participate in summer dance. We use the 8 weeks of summer classes to continue to build dancers technique and increase their skill level. Dancers who do not take summer classes will have to pay an audition fee and will be required to prepare their own combinations for audition day. If you do not audition you will not be on a team.

Age Groups – The first determining factor for placement on a team is age. Teams are divided according to average age into the following groups –
Tinys – ages 5-7 (average age 6)
Minis – ages 7-9 (average age 7-8)
Petites – age 9-11 (average age 9-10)
Juniors – age 11-13 (average age 11-12)
Teens – age 13 & up (average age 13-15)
Average age means that there could be dancers older & younger than the average age of the team. Dancers could be on different age teams as long as it does not affect the average age. We do not have groups that are the same age competing against each other.

Skill Level – The second factor that the judges will take into account is skill level. In summer classes we are working on the skills we expect dancers in each age group to be able to execute. It is important that dancers in each group have skill levels that closely match the others in their group.

Performance Ability – Another important part of being on a performing/competition team is the ability to perform. Dancers must exhibit strong stage presence to be on a team.

Appearance – A dancer’s appearance is also very important. Dancers should wear dance clothes, have their hair put up neatly and have the correct shoes for each style of dance.

Audition Day –
Tinys & Minis – will have a jazz assessment class on Wednesday, August 3rd – Tinys 6:30-7:00 and Minis 7:00-8:00.

Petites, Juniors & Seniors – will audition on Saturday, August 6th. There will be separate audition times for ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, clogging & hip hop.

Please let us know if you will be out of town on assessment/audition day and we will arrange to video your dancer ahead of time. The judges will score dancers on video on audition day.

Scoring –
We bring in judges from outside of the studio for auditions. The judge’s score will account for 90% of the dancers total score. The other 10% come from SSDS staff assessments.

At SSDS, it is important that each dancer be placed in the class or on the team that most encourages their growth as a dancer and as a person. Not every dancer is ready to be on a team at the same time, so we encourage you to talk to your child about the audition process and how it will all work. All team results will be emailed out on Monday, August 8th.