January Newsletter


TeamSSDS | Newsletters | by Kelley Barker

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families and friends. Our 27th Annual Recital is only five months away, and we’ve been busy working on costumes, picking out music and planning the show! It is such an exciting time! We’ve included lots of important information about the recital and other upcoming events in this newsletter. Please read everything carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

Classes resume on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018. We are so excited to get back to class!

The studio is open for regular classes on teacher workdays, including Monday, January 15th and Tuesday, January 23rd. Check out the events tab on TeamApp for dates that we will be closed throughout the year.

Account Statements
You should be receiving a monthly statement of your account from Dance Studio-Pro. If you can’t access your student’s portal please let us know! Recital costume deposits were added in December and the final two payments will be due in February and April. Please email us at starstruckstudio@hotmail.com if you have questions about your account.

Yearly Calendar
For recital dancers, our year is divided into 10 months with 4 weeks each month. Some folks have asked why they were charged a full months tuition for December, so we wanted to include the breakdown here for you. Our company dancer’s year is divided into 12 months with 4 weeks each month. Company dancers can refer to their handbook for a monthly breakdown.
September Tuition – August 28-September 22
October Tuition – September 25-October 20
November Tuition – October 23-November 17
December Tuition – November 20-December 5
January Tuition – January 1-January 26
February Tuition – January 29-Februrary 23
March Tuition – February 26-March 23
April Tuition – March 26-April 27
May Tuition – April 30-May 25
June Tuition – May 28-June 16 (including dress rehearsal & recital)

Recital Costumes
Pictures of recital costumes will be posted in the lobby in the coming weeks. Our teachers work hard to pick out the perfect costume for each class to compliment the dancers and the music. Please check beside the pictures of your child’s costumes for what color shoes & tights they will need for each dance. You will need to get these items in advance of picture day. If you need help finding what you need just let us know!

Recital Pictures
Group and individual pictures in recital costumes will be taken at the studio on May 31st and June 1st & 2nd. Most students will only have to come one day for pictures. Please let me know if you have a conflict with any of these dates and we will do our best to work around it. We want to make sure all dancers have the opportunity to be a part of their group picture. A time schedule for pictures will be posted on the app in May.

Recital Date & Times
Recital and rehearsal will be held at the JAMES W. WARREN CITIZENS CENTER in Lincolnton on June 15th & 16th. Even though we booked this date a year in advance, the Citizens Center could bump us if the Lincoln County Sherriff’s race has a run-off election since the Citizens Center is used as a polling place. We have secured North Lincoln High School for that same weekend to use as a backup if necessary.

Dress rehearsal is scheduled for Friday, June 15th. Competition dancers will rehearse at 12:00, twinkle stars at 5:30, rising stars & shining stars at 6:30 and shooting stars & all boys classes at 7:30.

Recital is scheduled for Saturday, June 16th. Show times will be finalized in the spring.

Thanks so much for your support and dedication in 2017! We are all looking forward to a terrific 2018!

Kelley & Staff